How To Purchase Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance

Quickly understand reserved instance before purchasing from here.

If you’ve purchased a on demand EC 2 instance and later realized that it would run for a course of time(for ex. 1 year,2 year), you can convert it into reserved instance to save few bucks. Remember reserved instance is just a pricing feature, and no actual conversion is done to your instance.

Here we go - 

  • The following details of the on-demand instance (which you are reserving) will be required – Platform,Instance Type,Availability Zone.
  • Click on the Purchase Reserved Instance Button in your AWS console.
  • Click on search after selecting the appropriate details.
  • Offering Type -
    Light Utilization RI’s – Lowest upfront price,ideal  for periodic workloads that only run for couple of hours a day.
    Medium Utilization RI’s – Higher upfront price than Light Utilization RIs, but a much lower hourly usage fee,best suited for workloads that run most of the time, but have some variability in usage.
    Heavy Utilization RI’s – Highest upfront price,lowest hourly rate,,suitable for instance that run 24 hours.

  • search_result
  • Here you go,you can see your purchased instance in the reserved instance tab on left side of the AWS console.

Congratulations ! You just saved some bucks.

Quickly Understand Amazon ElasticCompute 2 Instances On-Demand/Spot/Reserved

Amazon EC2 Instance Purchasing Options 

Amazon EC2 provides three different purchasing models that gives you the flexibility to optimize your costs.

  • Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

Reserved Instance is just a pricing feature.You agree to purchase your instance for a particular term which may be 1,2 or 3 years.On purchasing you have to pay one time upfront price.

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