AWS EIP and Security Groups

After successfully creating a instance via this tutorial . Attach a Elastic IP address to your instance.

To associate a EIP to your instance, locate and click on Elastic IP’s under Network & Security present on bottom left hand side of your EC2 management console.

#Next click on Allocate New Address -> EIP used in EC2 -> Yes, Allocate.

#Right click on newly created IP address -> Associate -> Select instance from the drop down -> Yes, Associate

This was all about EIP. Next we come across another important thing after creating a instance i.e Security Group.

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Connecting to your Amazon EC2 Linux Instance from Windows Environment

Things to keep in mind

  • Ubuntu version 11.04+ is considered in this tutorial
  • Make sure Port 22 is opened in your security group.
  • You are on Windows Platform.
  • Since it is a Ubuntu instance, no GUI interface is available. All the tasks are done using CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Refer to this tutorial for EIP/DNS/FQDN and Security Groups before proceeding, only if you are not familiar – Continue reading